Software Center can not be loaded

Regardless of what version of the ConfigMgr agent (2012 –> 1602) you get – there still seems to be a possibility to have left-overs from ConfigMgr 2007.

within the SCClient log-file the following error would be generated;

Exception Microsoft.SoftwareCenter.Client.Data.WmiException: Provider load failure       (Microsoft.SoftwareCenter.Client.SingleInstanceApplication at OnGetException)

The following is presented to the user when starting Software Center


Software Center can not be loaded. There is a problem loading the required components for Software Center.

It seems that this is due to a reference no longer in use – the dcmsdk.dll, located under SysWOW64 (on 32-bit systems). Sample output using reg query:

(Default)    REG_SZ    Configmgr Desired Configuration WMI Provider

(Default)    REG_SZ    C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\CCM\dcmsdk.dll

End of search: 2 match(es) found.

Fix? Delete the registry key – sample command line;

reg delete HKLM\Software\Wow6432node\classes\CLSID\{555B0C3E-41BB-4B8A-A8AE-8A9BEE761BDF} /f

8 thoughts on “Software Center can not be loaded

  1. Evgeny Fedorov Reply

    I have faced this error for a different reason.

    We have Visual C++ 2013 x86 and x64 redistributables in our target image. If you install a later version of one of these redistributables, it removes BOTH previous versions x86 and x64. So you become having only one version of them – x86 or x64. It breaks SCCM client and it starts generating the error on your screenshot and log-file

  2. Shamo Reply

    I found this issue solution so if we disconnect LAN cable or Wifi connection slowly and you can see this problem in your screen.

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