App-V 4.6 Manual uninstall

Did you ever get the dreaded error Error 25028.The Application Virtualization Client service could not be configured from the App-V installer? It should be effective enough to perform a manual cleanup according to the previously blog-post article by Microsoft, however there are some minor steps that eases the process in addition to what has been communicated.

A summary of steps according below;

Execute the following commands to remove the services;

sc delete sftvsa 
sc delete sftlist 
sc delete sftplay 
sc delete sftfs 
sc delete sftvol

Delete the following folders;
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Application Virtualization Client
c:\program files (x86)\microsoft application virtualization
%public%\documents\softgrid client
%appdata%\softgrid client
%localappdata%\softgrid client

For an App-V 4.6 SP2 client, you need to remove this registry entry;


It may be different for an App-V 4.6 SP1 client, but you can easily find it by searching for “Virtualization”.

Reboot the client and the installation should run cleanly afterwards.