EnableFastFirstSignin – howto set it up

EnableFastFirstSignin seems to be a semi-announced feature that is only possible to configure using a Provisioning Package. I think the official documentation states that it is in preview.

But, let’s not care about that

What is it?


Is there  any documentation for this seemingly awesome black magic?

Yes, at Docs@Microsoft

How do I set it up?


Windows 10 – 1809

Windows ADK – 1809 – Windows Imaging and Design Configuration

Brief overview of what you need todo;

· Configure Provisioning Package

· Generate Provisioning Package

· Install Provisioning Package

Configure / Generate package

Start Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer
Press to create Advanced Provisioning
Define the following settings:
Runtime Settings -> Policies -> Authentication ->


Select Enabled

Runtime Settings -> SharedPC -> EnabledSharedPCMode

Select TRUE

Runtime Settings -> SharedPC -> AccountManagement -> AccountModel

Select Domain-joined only

Select Export -> Provisioning Package
Enter information regarding name of package, version. Information is arbitrarily set.

Owner is: IT Admin

Rank: 0 or 1

Press Next

Press Next
Select where to save the Provisioing Package

Press Next

Press Build
Press Finish

Install Package

Ensure you are using Windows 10 – 1809
Open an elevated Powershell prompt, using a local administrative account
NOTE: PackagePath is unique to the package name and environment you are working

Execute the following command to install:

Install-ProvisioningPackage -PackagePath “sample-name.ppkg” -QuietInstall

After this the awesome experience should be on whatever endpoint you installed this on. As far as I can tell all that remains is Group Policy Object processing.

What happens in the background?

What does this magical black box of awesomeness actually do in the background? Microsoft has little to reveal, however quite a few people have posted findings on Twitter so far

Trenteye seem to be digging into this further and this is what has been shared so far;