Informal App-V errors

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The error indicates a networking problem in general and the currently available even documents a timeout to be a possible error.
Common causes are;
HREF path contains spaces
?Customer in the OSD is missing key character (such as ? or =)
Network traffic is to slow or improperly handled
-This may be due to a user beeing member of to many groups – can be extended
-Network traffic is filtered
In a VPN scenario the RTSP traffic may be inspected and some packets may be dropped
Disable the RTSP inspection to resolve the error

error occurs because the application and version referenced is not available in the Application Virtualization cache
This may especially occur when using alternative ways to access applications – such as publishing the command-line via Xenapp or creating custom shortcuts

Error 25001.Microsoft Application Virtualization Client for Remote Desktop Services required Remote Desktop Services is installed on the system.
Your client has not the Terminal Server och Remote Desktop Services feature installed.
Either add those on your OS or download the workstation-client via the Microsoft Desktop Optimization pack

Essentially two problems usually occur when this error happens – depending on the situation;
Page Pool memory is depleted – a quick fix may be to reboot, but if that is required to be performed to frequently some optimizations can be done to prevent it.
If it happens on a newly sequenced application there probably was an issue with the sequence created – most common solution is to resequence

Error may occur on single-core Citrix-servers due to CTX CPU Utilization Management. See below link for suggested implemented solutions – most commonly excluding effected processes

Error relates to the fact that the app-v service can not see the source referenced when importing a package.
Most common example beeing when executing an MSI located on a mapped drive (mapped drives are only available in user context, app-v client service runs in another user context -system)

Failure to send reporting data from the client – this especially happens in a TS / RDS environment. Often the problem is due to the fact that the server only can receive a maximum size and the reporting data sent greatly exceeds that one.
I believe the maximum receiving size is around 60k – and I have personally seen about 800k log-files in a small TS-environment.

Error 25028.  The Application Virtualization Client servivce could not be configured
Uninstall old client, reboot and try again. If that fails try to perform a clean-up or simply rebuild the system.
Not really sure exactly what could cause this but it often has relations to failed attempts to install a client

The Application Virtualisation Client could not retrieve data from the server. Application has been paused. If necessary you can have 2 minutes to save any work before it is shutdown
Verify server connectivity.
To prevent this error ensure that applications are fully cached

Error message indicates that you cannot be authenticated – could mean that you are not in a trusted domain or simply have a workgroup computer.
If this happens when first installing there could be a potential issue with authentication. Try reverifying your steps

The error has several possible root causes but two stands out;
MS XML was not installed prior to installing App-v management server (no error is given during installation) or the app-v server does not have read permissions for the .SFT file it tries to stream


Indicates a general networking problem, where traffic is not passed through. Most commonly specific executable files should be allowed to pass through the firewall

Either the app-v server service is not started or you are trying to connect on the wrong port

Attempting Transport Connection


Verify that the reference to OSD / Icon is correct. Since its very common to specify server-path in an environment variable its good to really verify that the SYSTEM variable is set.

See above blog-post, most commonly happens when using encryption

Error relates to the failure to start app-v client. A conflict probably exists with another filter-driver on your system

This error occurs because the server thinks it has one version (60f02e36-25a4-4a27-a1a0-7a325063280e) and the client believes it has another version (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000)
Clear the cache to resolve the error.

Corrupted PKG-files are not very common, but when they happen it has mostly occured due to antivirus. See below KB-article for possible optimizations


According to a poster in the above thread the error code would say that there is not space available on the client and it can’t locate the file.
Verify disk-space available on drives where client, global data directory or user profile / data is placed?

Install App-v 4.5 CU1 + HFP6 or App-v 4.5 SP1 + HFP1 to resolve this error

0A-0000E028 – Network Transport Agent
Discussed in a forum thread;
Improper closure of settings file
The settings file is probably corrupted due to the last process is shutdown to early – change the above setting and verify if an orphaned process is left behind

Disable any RTSP filtering on your ISA-firewall

Verify that the app-v drive on the client-side (Q: per default) is not scanned by the antivirus
See recommendations for TS-environments;


Error means “file not found” Possible causes could be a move of the users-profile. 2C could indicate that the file in the package ? Verify antivirus settings to exclude any corruption of PKG / Global data directory

Failed unregistering callback tracking connected process termination (error: 997).



Error seems to relate to background streaming and to have failed for some reason. Harmless error if user can start application

Error indicates that the folder used in the WORKINGDIRECTORY tag does not exist. If it references a mapped drive (as an example), the mapped drive may not exist
When sequencing with TS / RDS thas seems to happen in packages that contain everything needed.
One quick-solution is simply to empty the working directory-tag within the OSD-file


Starved page pool memory. Verify that you have a reboot cycle and start memory optimize if using a 32-bit environment

Applications are cached and you are either running without a connection to a mgt-server or trying to run in stand-alone mode. Disable to require authorization if cached

The file referenced to start the application is not. By defining a proper working-directory this can be resolved


Error occurs because the user is required to authorize against the app-v server everytime it starts the application, and the server is probably unreachable at the time beeing.
There is a registry-key available to change this behavior, aswell as a MSI property when installing the client

This error usually relates to the profile / application data or global data directory beeing inaccesible. Only repeatable when the server has connection-problems

Failed to dispatch to core process error
Error occurs at server-side and can generate various types of errors client-side.
Essentially this often occurs on servers installed to an existing database (such as all servers not first creating the DB in a load balanced environment or prepopulating the database).
Verify all tables in the database that contains server information that values are consistent with the first installed server.
A patch has been released – but not verified.


2c – Relates to inside the package? Corrupted Q:?


14-00000003 – Not enough storage?