European App-V User Group 2013 – video #1

There will be more videos, unfortunately not as many as we would like. Here comes the first promo for the European App-V User Group;

European App-V User Group 2013

European App-V User Group – 18 Nov, 2011

Presentations PDFs will be available at;

Presenters were;
Impact AppVirt on VDI (Project VRC phase IV) by Ruben Spruijt
Troubleshooting App-V & Common Issues by Madelinde Walraven and Sebastian Gernert
Future: App-V in Configuration Manager 2012 by  Ment van der Plas
Heavy Duty Sequencing by Nicke Källén
Server App-V by Jurjen van Leeuwen
Dynamic Suite Composition: Boon or Bane? by Falko Gräfe
User State Virtualization: Do I still need it when using App-V? by Rodney Medina
Top 10 Myths around App-V (all)

Shot and cut by Olle Källén, best quality available at his Vimeo account