Teamviewer and Windows Credentials

Teamviewer has a great article howto handle User Account Control prompts within QuickSupport or similiar solutions, and as part of that you are intended to provide your own credentials when connecting. There are a few caveats that will unfortunately provide little insight when trying to connect and might indicate a simple failure. If presented with an error message like this when attempting to logon:

The password you have entered is invalid, please try again.

You might want to ignore the wording, and consider it a simple denied logon…

Why would you be denied logon then?

  1. You, or the user account you are using, is denied interactive login. Yes, Teamviewer will simply restart the application using an interactive login to overcome the UAC-prompt – and if your account is denied interactive login this will not work.
  2. You are using an account which doesn’t exist. This may be a local account, an Active Directory Domain account, or an Azure Active Directory Domain account. Verify that the account exists – and that you have entered it correctly in the username-box
    • To logon with local credentials – type in the username the following format;
    • To logon with Active Directory Domain credentials – type the username in the following format:
    • To logon to an Azure Active Directory – type the username in the following format:

      Note that anything in bold should be written as-is.
  3. Potentially – you could be mistyping your password aswell.
  4. Verify account expiration, locked out and all the normal variations of a denied logon in general.