App-V 5 and PowerShell

Some links to a few lines of PowerShell code that makes life easier for various tasks in App-V 5.


App-V 5 Client PowerShell Commands

Create friendly names for packages

App-V 5 Cmdlets (by VirtualEngine)

PowerShell Extract Item from ZIP (AppV)

PowerShell script to test App-V 5.0 Packages

App-V 5.0: PowerShell VE Launcher

App-V 5 Pre-cache script

App-V 5 PowerShell One-Liners – Adding and Publishing App-V Client Packages

App-V 5 PowerShell One Liners – Adding and Publishing A Folder of App-V Client Packages

New! Powershell in App-V 5; some example scripts

Converting App-V 4.x packages to App-V 5.0

How to use PowerShell to find packages in App-V v5 client connection groups

Migrating packages from App-V 4.x to App-V 5.0

PowerShell Delete App-V Cache

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