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Kalle Saunamäki is a reallly deep dive kind of guy. He knows a lot about the App-V 4 filesystem, the App-V 4 client and now he is digesting the App-V 5 client.


How does one notice this? Well, he is the creator of the most amazing App-V 4 / 5 editing tool. Anyone doing any type of packaging for App-V needs this tool.


Have you previously tried converting packages from App-V 4 to App-V 5? Seems really as the process is the following;

  1. Install the sequencer on a dedicated VM
  2. Run PowerShell cmdlets to spit out a new package
  3. Open the package to, and save the package again to get all new virtual extensions.

AVE does this in a much faster and easier way. Simply choose to Import the 4.X package, and then save it as a brand new package. This can happen on any workstation you are using, even if you have the App-V client installed!


Whats in my package?

Have you wondered exactly what a package contains? As the sequencer only reveals the VFS and registry (and sometimes the shortcuts and FTAs), quite often you resort to reading the DynamicConfig-files that are produced in XML – after you save the package. And even when reading the XML-files trying to understand what will get published on a client – there are quite a few entries missing (shell extensions and browser plugins as a sample).image

AVE will immediately make this visible and more to that!


How about this great feature! Did a service you captured get left out? You can import it and directly insert into the package;


One thought on “Application Virtualization Explorer

  1. Henk-Jan Reply

    The best App-V tool ever! We bought it also!
    Used already many times, not only to look what is inside, but also to convert app-v 4.x packages in a fast way to App-V 5.x packages (You can choose which version). It is almost the best tool to at or remove scripts, change shortcut/package names, at registry keys, files, etc!!! If you buy it, you love it!!!

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