Computer cleanup – Ask removal

Got a lot of computers with the Ask-suite of toolbars installed? When users are allowed administrative permissions on their end-points this is a likely scenario – here is a minor script bit that will cleanup the computer from the hassle.

First – retrieve the Get-LHSInstInstalledApp function from the Technet Gallery. Its a very well written function to retrieve information about both 32-bit and 64-bit applications installed within a Windows environment – great for retrieving information about the installed applications on a computer.

I am not certain if I wrote the Log function on my own, or if this is just something that I grabbed from a script someone previously wrote. If you did write it – just give a shout!


Running the script requires admin permissions


function Log
Out-File $filename -append -noclobber -inputobject $text -encoding ASCII
$logfile = "$env:windir\temp\SMS_Ask_Removal.log"
Remove-Item $logfile -force
log $logfile "$(get-date) - Ask Removal Started"

$ask = Get-LHSInstalledApp -AppName *Ask* -Publisher "APN, LLC"

log $logfile "$(get-date) - Found $($ask.Count) Ask installations"

Foreach ($install in $ask)
log $logfile "--------------------------------------------"
log $logfile "$(get-date) - $($install.AppName) found"
log $logfile "$(get-date) - $($install.AppName) removal"
$exitcode = (Start-Process -filepath "msiexec.exe" -ArgumentList "/x $($install.appid) /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress /lv `"c:\windows\TEMP\UNINSTALL_$($install.AppName).log`"" -Wait -PassThru).ExitCode
log $logfile "$(get-date) - $($install.AppName) - return code: $exitcode"
log $logfile "$(get-date) - ERROR: $($install.AppName) removal failed"


log $logfile "--------------------------------------------"
log $logfile "$(get-date) - Ask Removal Finished" 




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