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A SQL query that needs to run against the Configuration Manager database and present all software that is installed for a specific collection (App-V or traditionally registered software in Programs…

ConfigMgr SQL

A simple query that will present the following information based on what ConfigMgr has inventoried Computer-name Primary User(Domain\username) Manufacturer Model SQL;

ConfigMgr SQL

If you are using Bitlocker, Configuration Manager 1610 or higher and get a piece of hardware that has TPM 2.0 there are a few more hurdles to get the device…


OSD Script

Lenovo has published an excellent guide for management of their BIOS settings via scripts for the ThinkPad-series. It seems that it does apply for all different series (ThinkCentre, ThinkPad, ThinkStation)…




App-V Office

The joy of supporting PXE-boot in a number of different environments have created a mental note-to-selflist when operating PXE with Configuration Manager. These are my notes, and if they can…

ConfigMgr OSD