Paint.NET, App-V and Visual C++

If you try to sequence Paint.NET and especially on a 64-bit platform using App-V – you might run into the following errors if you attempt to run Paint.NET while in monitoring mode;


Once you are done – the sequence report will show you this;


Once again – you will need a very specific version of the Visual C++ Redistributables – namely; MS11-025: Description of the security update for Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package: June 14, 2011

Ensure this is deployed to the client that will be running the package and the sequencer.

3 thoughts on “Paint.NET, App-V and Visual C++

  1. Phoenix Reply

    I found that the install would work fine without the sequencer running but would fail if it was.
    After reading this article and further investigation it appears that the Paint.NET installer will add the assemblies itself, not using the MS redistributable. However the sequencer will not detect these changes and therefore the runtime error is displayed.

    Ensuring the the assemblies are installed resolves the issue.

    The required patch is KB2538243

    • nickekallen Post authorReply

      Unfortunately I can’t really see how this relates to App-V? Perhaps you can ask the question in a Paint.NET related forum?

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