Quick test of WDS

Just a quick-test of a TFTP server – just to validate if it is responsive…

These commands be run from any client (screenshots are from Win7)

Step 1

Install the TFTP Client


Step 2

Run the command in a folder where you have permissions to write in

tftp -1 <servername> GET \boot\x86\wdsnbp.com

If the TFTP-client is not installed the below error message will be received


If it is successfull, you will have downloaded a small file


2 thoughts on “Quick test of WDS

  1. Jose Reply

    Hi! Thank you for your post, I find it very useful,
    there is a little mistake, on the command line:
    tftp -1 GET bootx86wdsnbp.com
    should to be like:
    tftp -i GET bootx86wdsnbp.com


  2. Stephen Reply

    My WDS server is working perfectly good.
    Still, this command give my a connection error.

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