Sage Fund Accounting and Drivers

If you are attempting to sequence Sage Fund Accounting and then attempt to start that virtualized instance – you will receive the below error message.


If you used App-V 4.6 SP1 – you might have wondered why a driver was not shown in the post-packaging report. It says all is well. Also – Driver Magician didn’t detect it as a third-party printer at all.

If you check Printers and Devices – there isn’t anything directly that relates to Sage MIP Internal Driver, however if you look around the following will show itself;


Now – we have located the printer and no way to extract it. Apart from the fact that the installation folder contains this;


The contents of the install.log will reveal that a printer was installed – it is called Amyuni Document Converter. Not the Sage MIP Internal Driver. If simply double-clicking install.exe (or executing it from a command-prompt) – that printer will be installed. The Sage MIP Internal Driver will still be missing….

However, if you run a command-line that looks like this (the entire prog-folder was copied to our target computer);


Suddenly – the error message is gone.

2 thoughts on “Sage Fund Accounting and Drivers

  1. Tom Reply

    We are trying to sequence this as well and even after installing the driver manually on the server itself we get error -30 when actually trying to convert a PDF, any advice on this?

    • nickekallen Post authorReply


      I haven’t posted a recipe for the entire process – but we reviewed what the installer layed down in a native scenario and repeated that to look the same in a virtualized scenario.
      I would suggest that you post the question in the forum and describe your environment and what steps you have done to sequence the application

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