App-V 5 and OS integration

One of the new features that App-V 5 brings to the table is the possibility to more seamlessly integrate to the operating system. But, what does that mean in practice?

Well, if you sequence Mozilla Thunderbird – the following things show up…

Protocol Handlers;


Default Program Handlers;


This means that if you click a link like this;


A new mail will be presented;


(guessing that the empty subject / to-field relates to beta-code Smile )

If you sequence InstEd – more things will be available on the right-click of MSI-files that previously wasn’t there see the Instead It! menu-option)


Of course there are many more features to come – but Application Virtualization just took a major step forward in bringing a native application experience.

3 thoughts on “App-V 5 and OS integration

  1. Matt Thorley Reply

    Looking good. The shell intergration will certainly help packaging applications such as winrar and winzip much better.

    What are the results with applications that require printer drivers such as adobe acrobat?

    • nickekallen Post authorReply


      Drivers are usually integrated into the operating system and will probably never be considered an application component in its current form. That beeing said – try it and see if there is a difference. App-V 5 beta is available on Connect!


  2. Dan Gough Reply

    Good to see mail handlers have been added, but the InstEd example works that way right now on 4.x as it’s just a standard file extension! It would be nice to see if v5 can handle apps that use dlls to dynamically change the context menu, like Beyond Compare and 7-Zip.

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