App-V 5 beta Config Files–User Config

Lets continue with the details of the User Configuration-files!

Most of the pre-generated content of the file has been removed – the scripting part is what this post will  mostly deal with! Now we can deploy a per-user configuration – which will allow us to configure all options and deploy a package with a different configuration for a set of users! As opposed to the one common OSD-file, we can now have a single package and create several different sets of configuration files for different user groups. Shortcuts, protocol handlers, Apppaths, FTAs, scripts, COM-isolation – can now all be configured with different configuration for any per-machine deployment and per-user deployment! There we rarely need to clean-up the shortcuts in a package, but can rather do a post-packaging clean-up on whats get published on a client using a configuration file!

See the sample script that has been automatically generated from the App-V 5 beta – we can initiate quite a few different options and hopefully this can provide an even more valuable asset when it comes to setup our applications environment!

<!-- User Scripts Example - customize and uncomment to use user scripts -->

 <StartProcess RunInVirtualEnvironment="true">
 <Wait RollbackOnError="true"/>
 <Wait RollbackOnError="false"/>

<StartVirtualEnvironment  RunInVirtualEnvironment="true">
 <Wait RollbackOnError="true"/>

 <Wait RollbackOnError="false"/>
 <Wait RollbackOnError="true" Timeout="30"/>
 <Wait RollbackOnError="false" Timeout="30"/>


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