App-V 5 beta–features

Here comes a low-down of what we hope to expect!

Rewritten architecture to support the following;
Higher level of integration with the operating system and other applications, support things like;
File Type Associations
Protocol Handlers

Not yet verified; Integration with default application handlers?
Shell Extensions?

A “working” shared cache-mode – easy to setup, easy to maintain – one-click and you are good to go!
Granular configuration of package – provide different users with different configurations
Per-machine configuration possibilities
Increased scripting possibilities to allow per-machine and per-user scripting
Easy to install client and to configure client (that has been a major problem)
Side-by-side migration from previous version of App-V
Converter of packages to support the new format of App-V
New openly available format – just rename it to .ZIP to view the contents
Powershell-support to administrate the entire environment
Connection Groups – DSC, however working!

The server
Its still alive? Apparently. Sighs… Apparently people like this. Well – it can´t be anything worse than what the previous one was. Does it distribute all types of packages (MSI, scripts, customer installers, virtualized applications)? No
Do I want it then? No
Sorry – I am not to excited about this part

What did they drop?
Windows XP support

One thought on “App-V 5 beta–features

  1. Declan Reply

    Thanks Nicke for the multiple blogs on v5 already.

    Much clearer for me now and a relief to see “/MIGRATIONMODE – we can do a side-by-side migration ”
    I was having visions of a Big Bang change-over going bad.


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