App-V 5 Client Reporting–Client Setup

App-V 5 provided the option to separate the reporting that the App-V Client enables from both SCCM and App-V Management server, and it even makes it possible to use with a standalone deployment using Powershell and MSI.

I will not provide a guide on howto setup the server components, it’s a separate topic and shouldn’t be to complex. However, configuring the client can be a bit tricky, at the same time it is very easy to verify that it is setup properly.

Configure it through Powershell;

After you have imported the App-V Client Powershell module;

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
Import-Module AppVClient

You can access the current configuration of the App-V Client;


You can see that per default – all configuration relating to reporting is blank. Use the below command-line to setup the functionality;

Set-AppvClientConfiguration -ReportingEnabled 1 -ReportingServerURL urlforyourserver -ReportingStartTime 0 -ReportingRandomDelay 10 -ReportingInterval 1

The above will enable reporting at 00:00 with a 10 minute randomized interval to not overload the server and update the server every 1 day. The server-url is as provided for –ReportingServerUrl (urlforyourserver).

This will actually setup a Scheduled task – which you can easily verify (apart from getting the set configuration using the Powershell example above);

I assume that you can tweak the time-intervals on your own.

This is quite easy and is very well documented at Technet.

You can also use Group Policy to provide the above configuration; ADMX-template

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