App-V 5 Powershell Sequencing

Yeah – its pretty cool. Create a folder with the installation file named c:\source. As sample media VLC will be used. The installation-file is called; vlc-2.0.2-win32.exe

Run the following from Powershell to setup the sequencer cmdlets.

Set-Executionpolicy RemoteSigned
Import-module appvsequencer

Run the below to create two directories and then run through the installer.

$package = 'VLC'
new-item c:\source\$package -type directory
new-item c:\$package -type directory
New-AppvSequencerPackage -Name $package -Path c:\source\$package -Installer C:\source\vlc-2.0.2-win32.exe -PrimaryVirtualApplicationDirectory C:\$package –FullLoad

The final package gets created within c:\source\VLC


  1. Ken said:

    New to App-V and trying to learn from these blogs. Do you mind sharing a use case or idea of why this is valuable? I’m not certain I’m making the full connection here. Thanks!

    November 30, 2012
    • nickekallen said:

      Any type of automation is always useful, as soon as you have a batch of work today it eases the ability to handle that workload

      December 1, 2012

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