ConfigMgr 2012, App-V and /EXE

Really? Still not supported?
When using the ConfigMgr integration – it takes over the App-V Client and replaces the default startup for all virtualized applications to something other than sfttray.exe. No harm in that – apart from the fact that any other switch than /launch is not passed on and will result in – nothing!

Why is this important? The App-V team introduced the most wonderful switch /EXE which is explained a lot better by Aaron Parker in his App-V FAQ. (really – he explains it a lot better than I ever could).

How do you work around it?

Command-line that doesn’t work;
C:\Windows\CCM\VAppLauncher.exe /EXE cmd.exe /launch “Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 4.0.4276.0

Command-line that will work with any App-V Client configuration;
“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client\sfttray.exe” /EXE cmd.exe /launch “Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 4.0.4276.0

In ConfigMgr 2012 – any produced file type association and shortcut will using vapplauncher.exe as the starting point. To get the latter possibility to troubleshoot within the virtual environment – create a shortcut for SFTTRAY.EXE located in the installation folder of the App-V Client and append the /EXE and /launch switches with your application name and version as input (written in italics above).

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