Include patches in a single run

PATCH property of the Windows Installer engine which arrived with the Windows Installer 4.0 release. Its quite useful during an initial deployment incase you maintain all files in their original state, include patches in a single installation run and avoid several reboots. Several patches can be listed in the property PATCH and they are installed from left to right. Use the semicolon ( ; ) as a separator. The file path for the patch, regardless of current working directory and location of the patch,  has to be an absolute path.

set MSIARG=/i
set MSIARG=%MSIARG% "%~dp0\setup.msi"
set MSIARG=%MSIARG% PATCH="%~dp0\AppV4.6SP1-WD-KB2586968-x86.msp"
msiexec %MSIARG% 


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