SolidWorks Explorer 2012–Sequence


Install SolidWorks Explorer 2012 natively – once installed, export the following registry; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\FLEXnet Licensing Service



Install SolidWorks Explorer according to App-V sequencing best practice and import the above mentioned registry key.


Run the applications and configure them according to your needs. Its recommended that you register the product and configure them to not check for updates.
The below screenshot is an example configuration of SolidWorks eDrawing 2012 Tools –> Options could look like;


Starting both eDrawing (which is included) and Explorer to pre-configure settings is recommended.

Save your package


Just deploy – it should work fairly well.

This recipe should resolve the two below problems;

Issues with Solidworks 2011 sp02
Sequencing Solidworks Explorer 2011: This version of Solidworks has not been commissioned properly, please contact your supplier (A100,66)

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